Archaeozoology or zooarchaeology?: a problem from the last century

Autores: Laszlo Bartosiewicz

Publicación: Archaeologia Polona, ISBN 0066-5924, Nº 39, 2001, pags. 75-86

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This paper compares the history of zoological studies in archaeology in Central/Eastern Europe and the North Atlantic region. differences in research tradition undoubtedly have been consolidated by the division symbolized by the "Iron Curtain". However, the roots of distinction between "eastern" archaeozoology and "wester" zooarchaeology had far predated this recent sub-division. The situation, therefore, calls for an approach more subtle than political categorization. Relationships between natural science and arts and humanities, as well as attitudes to scholarly authority have interacted in shaping the present-day situation. The analysis of animal remains, as well as archaeology itself, will profit from multidisciplinarity and the plurality of approaches in this field.